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Hybrid Surfboard

Why everyone should own a hybrid surfboard.

There has been a lot of hype about hybrid surfboards in recent years. But what exactly is a hybrid surfboard and what features make it into one? With so many different surfboard models, it is sometimes confusing why surfboards are divided into different categories. If you really put it together, the hybrid surfboard could technically be a mixture of two or more design concepts. Almost every surfboard is basically a hybrid surfboard. Two surfboards become one.  The general hybrid as we know it today is the mixture of the minimalibu or fish surfboard and a high performance shortboard. There are many elements that come together on this board. The goal is to create a board that is easy to paddle, forgiving to surf and fast like a funboard, but still has the agility of a high performance shortboard. The Hypto Krypto from Haydenshapes Surfboards is probably the most famous surfboard on the market. But the concept is not as new as you would expect. There are many hybrid shapes that work at least as well or even better.

Order your hybrid board in the Surfganic Online Shop

Discover a wide range of hybrid surfboards in our Hybrid Surfboard range. We offer you hybrids of Torq Surfboards, Surfganic Eco Surfboards, Aloha Surfboards, Channel Island Surfboards and Venon Surfboards. Venon Surfboards and our Eco Surfboard range specializes in hybridshaps.  A hybrid board is perfect for surfing in waves up to 2 meters high. Easy gliding, an increased wave output and forgiving surfing abilities characterize these shapes. Go Softboards offers you Hybridshapes as foamboard.


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In our online shop we offer you a huge variety of Hybrid Surfboards, so that you can practice your water sport no. 1, easily.  With our powerful shipping partners we guarantee a fast delivery. Starting at a value of 20 €, shipping within Germany is free and for surfboards free shipping in Europe. Buy at Surfganic and profit from our high quality products. You have some questions about our Hybrid Surfboards? Use our purchase advice and contact us via Live Chat, Mail, Whats app or phone +49 (01590 1712899) and get a professional shopping advice from one of our well trained staff. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you choose the right surfboard for you.

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