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Hybrid Surfboard and Groveler Find your Allround Board

Hybrid surfboards, also known as grovelers or fishboards, are specially designed surfboards that offer a mix of different design concepts. They are designed for surfing small to medium sized waves and offer high performance.

A hybrid surfboard is characterised by its tail shape and fin placement, which expand the area of use and enable radical turns. The extra volume and slightly wider outline allow you to catch waves more easily and take off faster. The increased wave yield allows you to surf more waves and improve your skills.

There are different tail shapes such as Round, Diamond, Bat, Squash, Square or Round Pin Tail, which are suitable for different conditions. Each hybrid surfboard has its own characteristics and advantages.

Why should everyone own a hybrid surfboard? Well, hybrid surfboards offer a combination of paddle performance, stability and manoeuvrability. They are ideal for surfers who want to have fun and improve their skills in small waves. A hybrid surfboard definitely belongs in every surfing kit (quiver) as it gives you the ability to make the most of different wave conditions.

Although the concept of the hybrid surfboard is not new, it has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Well-known models such as the Hypto Krypto from Haydenshapes Surfboards have helped to increase the popularity of hybrid surfboards. However, there are many other hybrid shapes that can perform just as well or even better.

If you're looking for a versatile surfboard that performs in small waves but still offers manoeuvrability and control, a hybrid surfboard is the way to go. Discover the variety of hybrid surfboards in our range and find the right board for your needs and preferences.

A groveler and hybrid board means fun-fun-fun and belongs in Quiver. Learn more....

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