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Hybrid surfboards, also known as grovelers or fishboards, are specially designed surfboards that offer a mix of different design concepts. They are designed for surfing small to medium sized waves and offer high performance.

A hybrid surfboard is characterised by its tail shape and fin placement, which expand the area of use and enable radical turns. The extra volume and slightly wider outline allow you to catch waves more easily and take off faster. The increased wave yield allows you to surf more waves and improve your skills.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You can find all the important information about buying a hybrid board in our FAQs and our big surfboard guide.

A hybrid board is a mixture of different traditional surfboard shapes and typically combines features of shortboards and longboards. The aim is to combine the advantages of different board types to create a versatile option for different surfing conditions. Hybrid boards often have a wider nose and more volume for stability like a longboard, but also a narrower waist and sharper rails for manoeuvrability like a shortboard. They are well suited for surfers who want to surf a variety of conditions without owning multiple boards.

The ideal size depends on your height, weight, surfing level and preferences. In general, a hybrid surfboard should have a length and width that provides sufficient buoyancy and stability. Beginners often prefer longer and wider boards for more stability. Advanced surfers may opt for shorter and narrower boards to improve manoeuvrability. As a rule of thumb, you can orientate yourself by having your arms stretched out, your feet touching the tail and your fingers touching the nose. If you already have a shortboard and can surf well, ideally choose a hybrid board that is 3-4 inches shorter.

A hybrid board is ideal for surfers who appreciate versatility and want to tackle a wide range of wave conditions without having to own multiple boards. It is suitable for both intermediate and advanced surfers and offers a balanced combination of stability and manoeuvrability.

This is what characterises a hybrid surfboard, groveler or all-round board.

A hybrid board offers several advantages:

  1. Versatility: It combines features of different traditional surfboard shapes and is therefore suitable for a wide range of wave conditions.

  2. Stability and manoeuvrability: By combining features such as a wider nose for stability and narrower rails for manoeuvrability, a hybrid board offers a balanced mix of stability and manoeuvrability.

  3. One board for different levels of surfers: It is suitable for both intermediates and advanced surfers as it provides a good learning platform while offering enough performance for experienced surfers.

  4. Fewer boards needed: Because a hybrid board can cover a wide range of conditions, surfers need to own fewer boards, saving space and cost.

  5. Customisability: A hybrid board can be adapted to different surfing styles and preferences, for example by fitting it with different fin configurations or rocker lines.

Overall, a hybrid board offers a practical and flexible option for surfers looking for versatility and performance in one board.

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