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A longboard is a sublime and elegant surfboard that is not for beginners but for experienced surfers. However, it requires true skill to master the art of longboard surfing. The feeling of gliding on the waves and the extra boost at take-off make longboarding a special experience.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You can find all the important information about buying a longboard in our FAQs and our big surfboard guide.

A longboard for surfing is a surfboard that is characterised by its elongated and voluminous shape. Compared to other types of surfboards such as shortboards or funboards, a longboard is usually longer and wider. A real longboard starts at a length of 9 feet (approx. 274 cm) or longer.

Longboards have a wide nose (front) and a round, narrow tail (back). They offer a lot of buoyancy and stability on the water, which makes it easier for surfers to recognise waves early, paddle them and glide on them. Due to their characteristics, longboards are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized waves and offer a relaxed and cruising surfing experience.

Traditionally, longboards were used in the early days of surfing and have a long history in surf culture. They are still popular today with advanced surfers who want to enjoy the relaxed and elegant surfing on a longboard.

The ideal size of a longboard depends on your height, weight and surfing level. In general, longboards are longer and wider than other types of surfboards. A length between 9 and 12 feet (approx. 274 to 366 cm) offers more stability, while shorter longboards are more manoeuvrable. Choose the size according to your individual needs and preferences.

A retro Single Fin Logg is suitable for a wide range of surfers:: 

  • Advanced surfers: advanced surfers appreciate the versatility of longboards and often use them for relaxed cruising or surfing smaller waves.
  • Casual surfers: Surfers who don't surf regularly or are looking for a more relaxed surfing experience will find longboards a good option as they are easier to paddle and steer.
  • Older surfers: Due to their stability and ease of use, longboards are popular with older surfers who want to enjoy their surfing skills even at an advanced age.

Overall, a longboard is a good choice for surfers looking for a relaxed and fun surfing experience, as well as for surfers who want to specialise in noseriding.

A longboard offers:

  1. Stability: Thanks to their wide and longer shape, longboards offer excellent stability on the water.
  2. Buoyancy: They have a lot of buoyancy, which makes paddling and catching waves easier.
  3. Versatility: Longboards are suitable for different wave conditions and surfing styles.
  4. Simplicity: They are often easier to paddle and steer, making them suitable for surfers of all experience levels.
  5. Long rides: The length and stability allow for long rides on the waves.

Here are the areas of use for different types of surfboard longboard:

  • Noserider: For small, well-formed waves that enable long rides.
  • Classic longboard: Versatile and ideal for relaxed cruising and surfing small to medium-sized waves.
  • Performance longboard: For advanced surfers who want to perform fast turns and aggressive manoeuvres.
  • Malibu: Ideal for surfing small to medium-sized, opening waves.

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