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Welcome to our online shop, the ultimate destination for kitesurfers looking for an outstanding freestyle kiteboard. In our extensive range you will find first-class kiteboards that have been specially developed for demanding freestyle performances. Buy your freestyle kiteboard conveniently online and experience the exciting fusion of innovative design and first-class performance.

Our selection of freestyle kiteboards:

Discover a diverse range of freestyle kiteboards designed for incredible pop, precise control and maximum performance. From renowned brands to innovative designs, we offer a wide selection to meet the different needs and preferences of our customers.

Outstanding features:

Our freestyle kiteboards boast impressive features, including deep channels for outstanding grip, an optimised outline and rocker line for speed and pop, and a medium-hard flex for freestyle and big air performances. These boards not only offer a smooth carving experience, but also stable control even in rough conditions.

Experience the freedom of kitesurfing with a freestyle kiteboard designed for top performance. Order now in our online shop and immerse yourself in the exciting world of kitesurfing!

  • Convenient selection: Browse our range online and choose the perfect model for your requirements from a variety of freestyle kiteboards.
  • Secure payment options: We offer secure payment options to make your purchase as easy as possible.
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  • Expert advice: If you have any questions or uncertainties, our experts are on hand to help you choose the ideal freestyle kiteboard.

Choosing the right freestyle kiteboard depends on your riding style, your ability and your individual preferences. It is advisable to seek advice from experts and try out different models if possible.

The size of the freestyle kiteboard depends on various factors, including your weight, your riding ability and the local wind conditions. In general, freestyle kiteboards tend to be slightly shorter than all-round models.

A freestyle kiteboard differs in its specific design features, which are focussed on tricks and jumps. It often has a medium flex, deeper channels and a sophisticated outline to ensure optimal performance during freestyle manoeuvres.

A good freestyle kiteboard has a medium flex for optimum control and responsiveness. It often has deeper channels for improved grip, an optimised outline and rocker line for speed and pop and narrow tips to cope with choppy waves.

A freestyle kiteboard is characterised by its special construction, which is tailored to the requirements of freestyle and trick specialists. It offers a special focus on pop, control and manoeuvrability for impressive jumps and tricks.

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