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Your small wave board - The Retro Surf Fish Surfboard

A fishboard is the ideal choice for surfers who want to make the most of small waves. These fun machines allow for increased wave yield and let you glide effortlessly over weaker sections. With a fishboard you can feel the flow of the wave and train your cutback skills. These surfboards combine performance and retro elements, allowing you to experience the easy surfing of the seventies, but with modern adjustments for absolute high performance.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Alle wichtigen Infos zum Kauf eines Fishboards findest Du in unseren FAQs und unserem großen Surfboard Guide.

A fishboard is a style of surfboard that emerged in the 1970s. It is shorter and wider than traditional surfboards and is characterised by a twin fin setup. These boards offer good manoeuvrability and are ideal for fast turns and surfing small to medium sized waves. They have a flat rocker profile, which means they are faster in flat sections of the wave. Fishboards are versatile and work well for surfers of all experience levels, just not for complete beginners.

For beginners, I recommend a fishboard that is slightly longer and wider to provide more stability and flotation. A length from about 6 feet (approx. 182 cm) and a width of 20 to 21 inches (approx. 51 to 53 cm) would be a good choice.

For advanced surfers looking for more manoeuvrability and performance, a slightly shorter and narrower fishboard is more suitable A length of around 5 feet 6 inches (approx. 168 cm) and a width of 19 to 20 inches (approx. 48 to 51 cm) would suit this skill level.

However, it is important to note that these are only general guidelines and the actual size of a fishboard also depends on individual factors such as height, weight and surfing style. Surfshop Germany team member Steve will be happy to advise you.

A fish retro surfboard is particularly suitable for:

  1. Retro surf lovers: Due to its classic design and its origins in the 1970s, the Fishboard is popular with surfers who appreciate the retro look and feel of surfing from that era.
  2. Surfers who want to practise cutbacks: The manoeuvrable nature of a fishboard makes it ideal for practising cutbacks and other aggressive manoeuvres in small to medium sized waves.
  3. Surfers who want a high wave yield: Due to its wider nose and waist, a fishboard can catch waves more efficiently and offers a higher wave yield, especially in smaller waves.
  4. Surfers who want to surf small to medium sized waves with less power: Fishboards are well suited for surfing small to medium sized waves with less power, as their wider shape and increased stability make them easier to paddle and surf.

Overall, a fishboard is an excellent choice for surfers looking for a playful and versatile board that works well in a variety of conditions and provides a fun surfing experience.

Advantages of a small wave surfboard or more?

A fishboard offers a number of advantages for surfers. Thanks to its shorter and wider shape, it is particularly manoeuvrable and responsive on the waves. This allows surfers to make tight turns and change direction quickly, which makes for an exciting and dynamic surfing experience. The wider nose and waist of the fishboard also make it easier to paddle into waves, allowing surfers to get into the waves faster. This not only contributes to a higher wave yield, but also gives surfers an additional level of confidence and safety on the water. Overall, a fishboard offers a fun and playful surfing experience and allows surfers to try out creative manoeuvres and enjoy the feeling of freedom on the waves.

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