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Welcome to our category page for Directional Kiteboards in the online Surfshop - your contact point for high-quality boards that are specially designed for the fascination of Directional Kitesurfing. Discover a wide range of first-class directional kiteboards from renowned brands that combine performance and design. Whether you are looking for a waveboard for exciting wave rides or an all-rounder for different conditions - our range offers the perfect choice for every kitesurfer. Buy now and conveniently online!

A directional kiteboard is a kiteboard with a fixed, directional shape, unlike twin tips. These boards are specialized in certain riding styles such as surfing or freeride. Directional kiteboards are especially suitable for kitesurfers who focus on surfing or prefer a specific riding style. However, there are also all-round directionals that are suitable for different conditions.

  • Surfing: Directional kiteboards are perfect for surfing waves as they provide excellent control and maneuverability.
  • Versatility: Depending on the model, directional kiteboards are suitable for different conditions, from shallow water to challenging waves.
  • Precision: The special shape allows precise turns and an optimal use of the kite power.

The main difference lies in the form. Directional kiteboards have a fixed orientation and are geared to specific riding styles, while twin tips are symmetrical and can ride in both directions, making them more versatile.

The choice depends on your riding style, your level of experience and the conditions under which you normally kitesurf. All-round directionals are more versatile, while specialized boards are more suited to specific disciplines, for example:

  • Surfing: They provide optimal control and maneuverability for surfing waves.
  • Specialized performance: Depending on the model, they are designed for specific riding styles such as freeride, wave riding or big air.

Yes, some directional kiteboards are designed to allow freestyle tricks. However, there are also special freestyle boards for advanced riders.

Directional kiteboards open up a variety of tricks and maneuvers due to their specific shape and orientation. Here are some advanced tricks that can be done with a directional kiteboard:

  • Bottom Turn: Drive down on the wave and set a powerful bottom turn to gain height and position yourself for the next section of the wave.
  • Cutback: Perform a cutback by turning the kiteboard steeply into the wave and changing direction to ride back into the wave.
  • Top Turn: Drive to the top of the wave and set a powerful top turn to return dynamically to the wave.
  • Floater: Glide at speed across the wave without hitting the lip, this move adds style and control to your surfing.
  • Aerials: Jump off the lip of the wave and perform various aerial maneuvers such as grab or spin tricks.
  • Tube Ride: Trying to get into the groove of a wave to experience a tube ride, this technique requires precision and timing.
  • 360 Carve: Rotate the kiteboard 360 degrees by pushing it on the wave and simultaneously rotating the kiteboard with the kite in the desired direction.
  • Snap Off the Top: Set an explosive snap (twist) on the top of the shaft for a quick change of direction and an impressive style.
  • Off the Lip: Approach the lip of the wave and jump with the kiteboard before returning to the wave.
  • Backside and Frontside Turns: Master both backside and frontside turns to enhance your surfing versatility.

Before you try advanced tricks, it is important to have a solid foundation in surfing and controlling your directional kiteboard. Practice these tricks in suitable conditions and work continuously on your riding technique to improve your skills. Safety always comes first, so choose conditions that suit your ability and wear appropriate protective gear.

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