Traction Pads

Discover our wide range of surf foot pads for your surfboard! A footpad, also known as a grip pad, gives you extra support and grip on your surfboard. Made from high quality EVA foam, it keeps your feet firmly on the board.

We offer both front pads and tail pads that are specifically designed for different areas of your surfboard. A tail pad gives you extra support and stability on steep drops and radical manoeuvres. With a traction pad, you increase the stability on your surfboard and can perform more precise movements.

In our online surf shop you will find surf foot pads in different colours and shapes, so you can choose the right pad for your personal style. Whether you prefer a discreet design or more eye-catching colours, you'll find it here.

You can buy your tail pad online and simply attach it to your surfboard. If you have any questions about Grippads, take a look at our FAQs, where we answer frequently asked questions about surf pads.

Improve your surfboard performance with a quality surf foot pad. Explore our range and find the perfect pad to suit your needs.

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