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An all-round freeride kite is a kite that has been specially developed for the discipline of freeride kitesurfing. This type of kite is characterised by its versatility and is suitable for a wide range of kiteboarders, from beginners to advanced riders.

The most important features of an all-round freeride kite are

  • Versatility: all-round freeride kites are designed to perform well in a variety of conditions. They are suitable for freeride, freestyle and occasionally wave riding.
  • Ease of use: These kites are often easy to handle and are well suited to kitesurfers of all levels. Beginners can benefit from their stability and predictability, while advanced riders can use them for different styles and tricks.
  • Stability: Allround freeride kites are characterised by their stability in different wind conditions. They offer a good balance between performance and control.
  • Easy handling: These kites are usually easy to steer and allow easy handling, making them an ideal choice for riders who want to improve their kitesurfing skills.
  • Good upwind performance: Allround freeride kites are designed to run well into the wind, allowing the kitesurfer to gain height and navigate in different directions.

Overall, all-round freeride kites are a popular choice for kitesurfers looking for a versatile kite that covers various aspects of the sport and offers solid performance in different conditions.

The most important features of a freeride all-round kite wing include

  1. Versatility: A freeride all-round kite wing is versatile and is suitable for different kitesurfing disciplines such as freeride, freestyle and occasionally wave riding. This versatility allows riders to try out different styles and manoeuvres.
  2. Stability: Stability is a key component. A good freeride kite offers a stable flying position, giving both beginners and experienced riders reliability and control in different wind conditions.
  3. Easy handling: A freeride all-round kite wing should be easy to handle. Easy handling allows for effortless control, which is especially important for beginners and riders who want to improve their skills.
  4. Ease of use: Ease of use refers to the kitesurfer's overall experience with the kite. A freeride all-round kite should be easy to set up and intuitive to use.
  5. Good upwind performance: A freeride kite wing with good upwind characteristics allows the rider to run efficiently into the wind. This is important for gaining height and navigating different directions.
  6. Controlled depower range: A freeride all-round kite should have a controlled depower range. This allows the rider to reduce the pulling force of the kite if necessary, which is particularly important in strong wind conditions.
  7. Robust construction: A durable and robust construction ensures a long life for the kite wing. High-quality materials and workmanship are crucial to withstand the stresses and strains of kitesurfing.
  8. Adaptability to different conditions: A freeride all-round kite wing should adapt well to different wind and water conditions. A balanced performance in different environments is crucial for the versatility of the kite.

These characteristics make a freeride all-round kite an ideal companion for kitesurfers looking for a wide range of kitesurfing experiences.

Yes, you can use your Allround Freeride Kite with different kiteboards. Allround freeride kites are designed to cover a wide range of kitesurfing conditions and styles. Therefore, they are usually compatible with different kiteboard types.

Here are some kiteboard types that harmonise well with an all-round freeride kite:

  • Twin tips: Twin tips are the most commonly used kiteboards and are well suited for all-round freeride kites. These symmetrical boards allow you to ride in both directions and are ideal for freeride, freestyle and upwind riding.
  • Directionals: If you are interested in wave riding, you can also use your all-round freeride kite with a directional kiteboard. These boards are specially designed for surfing waves and offer a different kind of riding experience.
  • Hybrid boards: Hybrid boards combine features of twin tips and directionals. They are versatile and are ideal for riders who want to try out different kiteboarding styles.
  • Freestyle boards: If you're focusing on freestyle manoeuvres, freestyle kiteboards are a good choice. These boards are specially designed for tricks and jumps and harmonise well with all-round freeride kites.
  • Lightwind boards: Für Tage mit wenig Wind, wenn du trotzdem auf dem Wasser sein möchtest, kannst du auch Lightwind Kiteboards mit deinem Allround Freeride Kite verwenden. Diese Boards haben oft eine größere Fläche und ermöglichen das Kiten bei niedrigen Windgeschwindigkeiten.

Beachte jedoch, dass die Wahl des Kiteboards auch von deinen persönlichen Vorlieben, Fähigkeiten und den jeweiligen Bedingungen abhängt. Es ist ratsam, verschiedene Boards auszuprobieren und dasjenige auszuwählen, das am besten zu deinem Fahrstil und den aktuellen Bedingungen passt.

An all-round kite usually has a so-called "hybrid shape". The hybrid shape combines features of two other kite shapes, namely the C shape (also known as C-kite) and the Bow shape (or SLE kite - Supported Leading Edge).

Here are the main features of the hybrid shape:

  • Bow shape elements: An all-round kite with a hybrid shape usually has an open bow shape, similar to a bow kite. This open shape ensures a good wind yield, a stable flying position and easy depowering.
  • C-shape elements: At the same time, the kite has some characteristics of a C-shape. This refers to a certain T-shape or a slight bend in the tips of the kite. This gives the kite improved control and more precise steering behaviour, which is particularly important for freestyle elements.
  • Moderate arc length: The arc length, i.e. the distance between the front and back lines, is usually moderate on an all-round kite. This contributes to the versatility of the kite, as it offers both good upwind performance and good manoeuvrability.
  • 3-strut construction: Many all-round kites with a hybrid shape have a 3-strut construction. This means that the kite is equipped with three air chambers (struts), which results in a balanced ratio of weight, stability and performance.

The hybrid shape makes the Allround kite a solid choice for a wide range of kitesurfing styles. These kites are particularly popular with riders who want to integrate both freeride and freestyle elements into their kitesurfing session.

An all-round kite is suitable for different types of kitesurfers and offers a wide range of applications. Here are some groups of kitesurfers for whom an all-round kite is particularly suitable:

  • Beginners: Beginners benefit from the versatility and stability of an all-round kite. These kites are generally easy to handle, offer a stable flying position and allow an easy introduction to kitesurfing.
  • Advanced riders: Advanced kitesurfers who want to try out different styles or be active in multiple disciplines of kitesurfing will find an all-round kite a suitable choice. These kites offer balanced performance characteristics for freeride, freestyle and occasionally wave riding.
  • Recreational kitesurfers: Kitesurfers who practise kitesurfing as a leisure activity and are not specifically focussed on one discipline can benefit from an all-round kite. These kites allow for a relaxed and versatile riding experience.
  • Families: Families where different members favour different styles of kitesurfing can use an all-round kite as shared equipment. This makes it easier to share equipment and spend time together on the water.
  • Kite schools:  Kite schools often rely on all-round kites for their training purposes. These kites offer a good mix of stability, ease of use and versatile performance to facilitate the learning process for beginners.
  • Kitesurfers in different conditions: Kitesurfers travelling in different waters and wind conditions can benefit from an all-round kite. These kites adapt well to different environments and offer a balanced performance.

Overall, an all-round kite is a good choice for those looking for a versatile and flexible kitesurfing experience without having to commit to a specific discipline.

  1. All-round kite wings for beginners and advanced riders: We offer kite kites that are ideal for beginners and at the same time offer advanced riders the opportunity to develop their skills.

  2. Kites from leading brands: Discover all-round kite wings from renowned kite brands known for their quality and innovation.

  3. Different sizes and designs: Choose from a wide range of sizes and designs to ensure your kite kite fits your riding style and local wind conditions perfectly.

  4. Complete kite sets or individual parts: Decide between complete kitesurfing sets or put together your own customised set by choosing kites and accessories separately.

  5. Expert advice: Our expert advisors are on hand to make sure you find the perfect all-round kitesurf kite for your needs.

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