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The Softboard - Foamie Surfboards & Foamboards buy online

Our online surf shop offers a large selection of high-quality softboards (also called foamies or foamboards) for sale. Softboards are becoming increasingly popular, especially among beginners in the sport of surfing. With their soft foam core and extra volume, they are extremely user-friendly and offer a variety of advantages.

The extra volume of the softboards makes paddling and paddling waves easier. Beginners can thus quickly achieve their first successes in surfing and further develop their skills. In addition, the soft materials of the boards offer a high safety aspect, as they minimise injuries, both for the surfer himself and for others in the water.

Our range includes a variety of softboards in different shapes and sizes to suit the individual needs and preferences of every surfer. Whether you're looking for a classic mini Malibu shape, a fish shape or a funboard shape, you'll find it here.

In addition to being beginner-friendly, softboards are now also very powerful. Advanced surfers can playfully trick with them on smaller waves and develop their skills. The flexibility and manoeuvrability of softboards allows you to perform different manoeuvres and enjoy a dynamic surfing experience.

Order your foam board, also called Foamie, in our online surf shop now and start your surfing adventures on a safe and fun surfboard. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect softboard.

You have questions about foam boards? Use our FAQs or contact us. Learn more...

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