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In our surf shop we offer a wide range of high performance shortboards for surfers who want to perform radical manoeuvres and tight turns. Our shortboards are designed to offer maximum performance in the waves and make surfers' dreams come true.

If you're looking for the perfect shortboard for your needs and wave conditions, we're here to help. Our selection includes shortboards for different wave types, whether steep and powerful waves, point breaks or beach breaks.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You can find all the important information about buying a shortboard in our FAQs and our big shortboard guide.

A shortboard is usually between 5 feet 6 inches (approx. 167 cm) and 7 feet (approx. 213 cm) long. The exact length can vary depending on the manufacturer, model and the surfer's individual preferences. Compared to longboards and malibus, shortboards are shorter and often have a narrower shape, which gives them manoeuvrability and responsiveness, ideal for surfing steep and fast waves.

A shortboard is typically around 6 feet long and has a pointed nose. It is designed for experienced surfers and offers maximum speed and manoeuvrability, especially in small to medium sized waves.

Shortboards are not for beginners. They require a lot of balance and technique, paddle power and are only suitable for experienced surfers. Beginners often have more success with wider and more stable boards such as malibus and softboards.

High-performance shortboards have many advantages when surfing:

  • They enable radical manoeuvres and are suitable for various surfing conditions with special high-performance shapes.
  • They are suitable for small, medium and large waves.
  • With a shortboard you can do cutbacks, perform high-speed turns, be very manoeuvrable and ride in the tube.
  • You can do duck dives with them and they are easy to transport.

The narrow outline of a shortboard enables powerful turns, while the low volume allows high speeds and makes duck diving easier.
Surfing on a shortboard is different than on other boards. You take the waves later and the take-offs take place at the steepest point. But you can make radical and vertical manoeuvres, turn quickly and have better control at high speed.

Conclusion Steve (Surfshop Germany):

A shortboard is unbeatable when the conditions are right, and you'll feel the power of your surf Ferrari. However, only choose a pure shortboard if you really have a high skill level. Otherwise, a performance-orientated hybrid surfboard may be more suitable.

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