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The bodyboard is the short form of a surfboard and, in contrast to the wave rider, is mainly ridden lying down or kneeling. This is called drop-knee riding. Rarely is the bodyboard used standing up. The biggest difference in the shape is at the end piece, the so-called tail.

A distinction is mainly made between the crescent and the bat tail. The crescent tail has the shape of a flat half moon and gives the board a little less flexibility when riding than the bat tail. This makes it a smoother ride and more suitable for beginners or for steep waves. The bodyboard reacts less strongly to shifts in the centre of gravity and is therefore more forgiving of mistakes.

The Bat Tail has the shape of a bat and gives the board a much higher flexibility and turning ability, which is especially useful when doing tricks. In order to positively influence the riding behaviour of boards with Bat Tail, so-called channels have been incorporated on the underside of the board. These serve to stabilise the board. In the meantime, there are many designs of tails with different names and based on the two mentioned.