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At Wellenreiter Surfshop, based in Germany, we have been at home in the world of surfing since 2018. If you have any questions about surfing or surfing, you've come to the right place. We are happy to help you find the right equipment in our surf shop. We specialise in online retailing and offer a wide range of high-quality surfing products. Our range includes surfboards and the corresponding surf accessories such as surfboard bags, board socks, surf fins, leashes, tailpads and repair kits. Have fun browsing our professional surf shop for surfers.

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Surfing mainly includes the following sports:

  1. Surfing: Classic surfing on a surfboard in the sea or on rivers with a corresponding current.
  2. Bodyboarding: In bodyboarding, you lie on a special board (bodyboard) and ride the waves lying on your stomach.
  3. Body surfing: In body surfing, you ride the wave without a board using only your own body. The hands are often used for steering.
  4. Skimboarding: There are two types of skimboarding, one is wave riding and the other is skimming over a water fiml on the beach.

These sports are closely related and share many techniques and principles, but differ in the details of equipment and technique.

Surfing can be easier for some than others, depending on physical fitness, sense of balance and experience with similar sports. Patience and regular practice are key, while surf lessons can speed up the learning process. Ultimately, it can take some time to get used to the board, the waves and the technique.

The time it takes to learn to surf varies. Some learn the basics in hours or days, others take weeks or months. Regular practice and surf lessons can speed up the learning process. Ultimately, it depends on individual factors and the frequency of practice.

Learning to surf is like conquering a wave - for some it's quick, for others it takes a little longer. But with patience, practice and the right team by your side, you'll soon be riding the waves and feeling the thrill that only surfing can offer. You're on your way to becoming a surfer!

Bodyboard online Shop

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bodyboarding with our diverse selection in the online shop. Experience this incredible sport, where adrenaline and impressive natural forces are waiting to be conquered by you. Discover the diversity of bodyboarding and find the perfect equipment for an exciting adventure in the water. Our products in the online shop offer everything you need for an unforgettable bodyboarding experience. Get ready to conquer the waves and get the most out of this exciting sport!

Skimboard online shop

Enjoy fun for the whole family with skimboarding, the perfect activity for the beach. Take a run-up, jump on the board and glide across the water. After a day at the beach, you'll go home with a big grin on your face. Skimboarding not only promises a fun time on the water, but also an unforgettable experience for every member of the family. Get your skimboard now and experience the joy of gliding on the beach!

Optimise your turns while surfing

Surf trainer for flatdays

Improve your surfing skills out of the water! Explore our surf skates for the street, the skate park or the bowl.

Slide surf skates leaning against the fence with a view of the sea
Surfboard Covers & Bags

Perfect for travelling

Store your surfboards in first-class board bags. Our range includes board socks, day bags, travel bags, surfboard bags for multiple boards and surf bags with trolley function for maximum protection and comfort.

Two surfers with boardbags on the beach

Complete your surfboard and go for quality. Surffleashes, traction pads and surfboard fins are of course a must. Discover our large selection.

Surf equipment for all water sports enthusiasts

Discover a diverse selection of surfing accessories for water sports enthusiasts. In our range you will find ponchos, surf helmets, waterproof bags, surf racks, books, DVDs, balance boards, repair kits and much more. This category offers everything you need to complete your surfing accessories and prepare you perfectly for your next surf trip. Get ready for an unrivalled surfing experience with our high-quality equipment!