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Surf Fins

Discover our selection of high quality surf fins for your surfboard. We offer a variety of shapes and colours so you can find the perfect fin for your surfing experience. Whether you prefer a single fin, twin, thruster, quad or a 5-fin setup, you'll find it here.

The right choice of surf fins is crucial for the performance of your surfboard. They influence your handling, your manoeuvrability and your grip on the wave. That's why we attach great importance to quality and offer you surfboard fins from the two largest fin systems on the market: FCS and Futures. These systems are widely used and offer a wide range of fins that are compatible with most surfboards.

Surf fins play a crucial role in your surfing performance. They directly influence your manoeuvrability and stability on the wave. By choosing the right fins, you can take your surfing experience to the next level.

Our range includes fins from renowned brands that are known for their quality and performance. We offer a wide range of options so you can find the perfect fin for your surfboard and riding style.

Whether you're an experienced surfer looking for an upgrade or a beginner choosing your first fins, we have the right product for you. Get inspired by our selection and find the surf fins that will optimise your performance in the water.

Order your surf fins online now and enhance your surfing experience with high quality fins of the extra class. In our surf fin guide you will find all the answers. Learn more...