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Surf Skateboards

Discover our wide range of surfskate boards, specially designed for training and simulating surfing on asphalt. With a surfskate board, you can improve your surfing skills and bring the authentic surf feeling to the street.

Our surfskate boards allow you to recreate the movements and manoeuvres of surfing on the street. You can practice your first turns on land, learn how to build speed and eventually progress to more radical manoeuvres and bowl surfing. Surfskating helps you improve your balance, coordination and technique so you can surf even better on the water.

Our surfskate boards are suitable for beginners as well as advanced surfskaters. They provide a stable and accessible platform for beginners to learn the basics of street surfing. At the same time, they offer advanced surfskaters the opportunity to perform more challenging manoeuvres and tricks.

With a surfskate board, you can practice all surf manoeuvres on the street and then try them out on the water. Whether it's practicing bottom turns, cutbacks, carves or airs, surfskating allows you to continually improve your skills and learn new tricks.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll make huge strides in your surfing and have loads of fun along the way. Discover our selection of surf skate boards now and get ready to experience the surf feeling on the street. You can find more information in our detailed Surfkate Guide. Learn more...

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