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Are you looking for a twintip for impressive big air jumps? Here we present a comprehensive selection of our big air kiteboards. We stock big air twin tips from renowned brands in our online shop. Order easily and conveniently online now. If you would like more information about the big air twin tip kiteboards in the Surfshop Germany, you will find it at the bottom of this page. Check our Twintip buyers guide. Click here!

The best twintip kiteboards for big air are often characterised by their carbon construction, low rocker and a well-designed underwater profile with excellent grip. The choice between different big air twintip kiteboards can vary from kitesurfer to kitesurfer, as individual preferences and riding styles play a role. Some kitesurfers may prefer the stiffness of carbon for an explosive pop, while others may prefer the control and feel of a solid wood kiteboard, especially on choppy waters.

So deciding on the right big air kiteboard is very personal and depends on various factors. If you are unsure or need advice on which big air kiteboard best suits your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you choose the perfect kiteboard for spectacular high jumps.

A big air kiteboard or big air twintip is specially designed to achieve the highest possible jumps during your kitesurfing session. These boards are often used in competitions that focus on height and extreme kite loops, such as events like the King of the Air and the Big Air Kite League.

A kiteboard suitable for big air must fulfil certain characteristics, including speed, grip and an explosive pop. The speed is influenced by the rocker of the kiteboard; the flatter the rocker, the more speed the board can develop. This is why big air twin tips usually have a low to medium rocker.

The grip, i.e. the board's grip on the water, is influenced by the bottom profile. The integration of channels and concaves in the bottom profile improves the grip, which enables the kiteboard to bite into the edge better and jump higher.

In addition, the stiffness of the kiteboard plays a decisive role in the so-called "pop" - the quick bounce off the water. As a rule, kiteboards made of carbon have a more explosive pop compared to those made of solid wood. The combination of all these factors makes a big air kiteboard the perfect companion for spectacular high jumps while kitesurfing.

Which big air kiteboard you should buy depends on your personal preferences. In this category you will find the best kiteboards for high jumps and you are guaranteed to find the right board with our selection.

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