Bodyboard Fins

Give your bodyboard wings with our high-quality flippers! As an essential accessory, they give you the drive you need to glide quickly and smoothly into the waves. In our bodyboard surf shop, we offer a wide range of high performance boogieboard fins, so you're sure to find the right fins for your skills and preferences.

Our bodyboard fins are carefully selected to give you optimum performance and comfort. They are specifically designed for bodyboarding and support you in fast manoeuvres and precise turns in the waves. We stock different models and sizes so you can find the perfect fit and swim style.

In addition to flippers, we also offer other accessories to make your bodyboarding experience even more enjoyable. Our neoprene socks protect your feet from rashes and friction so you can focus on surfing.

If you have any questions or need individual advice, we're here to help. Use our Live Chat or contact us to benefit from our expertise and experience. We can help you choose the right fins and accessories to maximise your bodyboarding experience.

Become a true "dolphin" on the water and enjoy the bliss of bodyboarding with our high quality flippers. Discover our extensive range in the Bodyboard Surfshop and prepare yourself for exciting surf sessions. We look forward to supporting you!

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