Surf Leashes

The Surf Leash, also known as a Legrope, is an essential accessory for your surfboard. It prevents the loss of your board and provides safety, especially in challenging conditions such as high surf and strong currents.

If you get caught by a wave in the line-up or find yourself in a wash and lose your bearings, the Surfboard Leash is your lifeline. The cuff, which is attached to the ankle, allows you to quickly determine where up and down is. The surfboard acts like a buoy and helps you to orientate yourself.

The surfboard leash is attached to the ankle with a Velcro fastener, which is why it is also called a legrope. This ensures a secure and firm connection between you and your board.

In our surf shop, we offer a variety of surf leashes in different lengths and strengths. Choose the leash that suits your surfboard and your riding style.

Make sure your surfboard is always safely connected to you by using a high-quality surf leash. Order your Legrope online now and enjoy worry-free surf sessions!

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