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Windsurf Fins

Discover a wide range of windsurfing fins in our windsurf shop. The choice of the right fin has a significant influence on the performance of your board.

There are different box systems that are used for different board groups:

  • Powerbox: The most commonly used system for different board groups.
  • US-Box: An older system that is mainly used for wave boards.
  • Tuttle and Deep Tuttlebox: These systems are mainly used for performance-oriented boards and can be found as standard on Starboard, for example.
  • Trim box (power trim): This system is used on Bic boards or older Fanatic boards, for example.

The correct fin length depends on the rider's weight and the sail size. The standard fin that comes with the board is often a good compromise. However, if you are riding different sail sizes on the same board, it is recommended that you choose the appropriate fins for optimum performance. A fin that is too big can make the board uncontrollable in the upper wind range, while a fin that is too small will affect the planing characteristics and the upwind running.

In our windsurf shop we have a wide range of windsurf fins that are always available, including freerace fins, freestyle fins, seaweed fins, twinser fins, race fins, wave fins, thruster fins and much more.

To identify the right fin box system (tuttle box, deep tuttle box, power box, trim box, US box, etc.) for your windsurfing board, you can use our comprehensive windsurfing fin guide, which provides an overview of the different fin systems.

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