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Board Bags

If you want to protect your surfboard while travelling, we recommend using a surfboard bag. In our surf shop we offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes, so you are sure to find the right surfboard bag for your board.

For everyday use, we recommend day bags, which are light and comfortable to carry and protect your surfboard from scratches and light impacts. If you are planning longer trips, we also offer travel bags that are specially designed to transport your surfboard safely. These travel bags are available in a variety of styles, including wheeled versions for even more convenient handling.

Depending on how many surfboards you want to transport, we offer different boardbag options. A single boardbag is ideal for protecting a single surfboard, while a double boardbag, triple boardbag or quad boardbag offers space for multiple boards. These multiple bags are handy if you want to take several boards with you or if you go surfing with friends or family.

If you are unsure which board cover to buy, we are here to help. Our customer service team can help you choose the right surfboard bag based on your specific needs and surfing habits.

Protect your precious surfboard when travelling and make sure it gets to your destination safely and undamaged. Order your surfboard bag online now and travel with peace of mind. We are happy to help you. In our big Surf Boardbag Guide you can find out everything about boardbags. Learn more...

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