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Neoprene Gloves

Our neoprene surf gloves give you the protection and warmth you need in cold water and uncomfortable weather conditions. Made from eco-friendly and skin-friendly neoprene, the gloves offer a great fit and flexibility for maximum freedom of movement. Our range of surf gloves includes different neoprene thicknesses and styles to suit every surfer's needs.

If you are sensitive to cold or surf in cold water, we recommend our 5mm or 7mm neoprene gloves. These provide extra insulation and protection from the cold and wind. If you surf in moderately cold water or just need light insulation, our 3mm neoprene gloves are ideal for you. We also offer a variety of styles including finger gloves, two finger gloves and mittens to suit different preferences and requirements.

Our neoprene gloves have been extensively tested to ensure they meet the needs of surfers. If you have any questions about our gloves or other products, we are happy to help you choose the right product for your needs. Buy from us and enjoy the best possible quality and performance for your next surfing adventure.

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