Slide Surfskate QUAD SUNSET 30

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The QUAD SUNSET 30" by SLIDE Surfskate is the perfect companion for the city. Handy, manoeuvrable and light. With this board, you get the shortboard feeling in the urban jungle. Not necessarily the ideal board for beginners, as the demands on the rider's skills are too high. But if you like surfing, pumping, small, agile and aggressive, and want to take tight turns even tighter, the QUAD SUNSET 30" is the perfect board for you. With its 30? and the squaretail, the quad screams to be bombed in the park. Together with the Joyful Splatter, it is the smallest board in the entire collection, only 30 inches long and 10 inches wide. It is equipped with the manoeuvrable 66mm wheels, which have a good grip, but can also be slid due to the low contact patch. The design is kept minimalistic in yellow as usual and has the usual "virtual" stringer in the middle. The clear grip gives a glimpse of the beautiful design.

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