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Order beginner friendly Minimalibu surfboards in our Online Surfhop

A Mini-Malibu is not a real longboard (about 7'6? - 8,'0'' long ), and has a single fin option or come with a thruster fin setup. A Minimal is the little brother of the longboard and has a round nose and a flat rocker to allow a fast planing. The stability through the width makes this board a surfboard for beginners. Compared to the shortboard, the Minimalibu is less agile, smoother and less maneuverable - this is seen as a big advantage in the beginner area, because you are pushed to turn the surfboard over the tail. This is the basis to surf on a shortboard, fishboard, hybrid board or first of all with a funboard. We have Minimalibus in stock from the brands Torq Surfboards, Surfganic Eco Surfboards, Channel Island Surfboards and Venon Surfboards. Also as a softboard, called foamy, minimalibus is a must and underlines the beginner friendly nature of the shape. We offer Softboard Minimals from the brands Go Surfboards, SufNSun, Bugz and Torq.

The Mini-Malibu is well suited for:

- Surfing at surf spots with small weak to medium waves up to 3ft
- For surf beginners and surfers who want to buy their first board
- To have a lot of fun in the waves
- Experienced surfers have some time on the wave and to try things out

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