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Discover our wide range of waterproof bags in our online surf shop.

We are sure to have the right solution for you. We offer waterproof duffel bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, belt bags and dry bags from various suppliers. The high-quality bags from Vissla, Overboard, Surfganic® , MDS or Dry Ice cover a wide range of uses.

The assortment of waterproof bags ranges from 1 litre, 3 litres, 4 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres, 12 litres, 15 litres, 20 litres, 25 litres, 30 litres, 35 litres, 40 litres, 60 litres, 90 litres to 130 litre bags. We offer bags in the colours red, yellow, grey, white, black, orange turquoise and blue.

Dry bags either protect your things from external influences such as rain, splash water, etc. or serve as storage for wet towels or your wetsuit, for example. Protect your mobile phone, tablet and other sensitive items from moisture.

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